Senior Moves

If the time for retirement has come for you or a loved one, then it’s time to call Alex the Organizer. Your senior years should be spent enjoying your favourite activities, or relaxing in the peace and comfort you deserve. Spend your time enjoying the things that really matter. Let us take care of the details.

Whether moving into a retirement home, or purchasing a smaller dwelling, we offer a complimentary consultation to you or your loved one to introduce our services and fees, and to address any questions you may have. Our Senior Move Management services include:

Sort & Pack

We Offer:

  • Help deciding what to keep, sell and/or giveaway
  • Help choosing estate sale, auction, charity, or family members
  • Furniture measurement and floor plan
  • Elevator booking at the new home
  • Providing supplies and all packing material
  • Professional packing

Moving Day

Moving day is often busy and can be stressful. Our team is there for you on moving day! We will:

  • Arrange for your transportation if needed
  • Pack your food and drinks in a cooler
  • Complete final packing
  • Meet and supervise professional movers

Unpack & Set Up

You’ve arrived at your new place and now it’s time to make it your home. We will:

  • Arrange furniture
  • Unpack boxes
  • Set-up bedroom, bathroom and kitchen
  • Dispose of all packing material

Bereaved Families

When a loved one passes away, their family is left with decisions to make that are often overwhelming. We are here to help you during this stressful and emotional time. Alex the Organizer’s team will help you decide on how you would like to downsize, pack, store or donate your loved one’s belongings.