Here are just a few of the amazing things people had to say after hiring Alex the Organizer.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in my kitchen! It looks so organized and neat, I just love it! That afternoon when my girlfriends came over, I showed them what you did and they were so impressed that they both took your card! Thanks again!”

“I enjoyed your presentation immensely! I think Alex was right on the money!”
~Workshop Participant

“Contacting Alex was the best move I ever made. I feel so much better about my home, even though I still have work to do.”
~ Dianne

“I liked the class participation, brainstorming, visual aids, and handouts. I can’t think of any changes I would make to your presentation!”
~Workshop Participant

“Alex was a breath of fresh air who calmly surveyed my home and confidently assured me that, of course, she could help me regain my sanity, precious space and my life. Not only that, but she also would help me to get (and stay!) organized.
My fears of being judged, scolded, patronized and pitied were unfounded. Alex gently challenged and encouraged me to establish priorities and stick with them.
~ Katherine

“Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am that I hired you to help me move into my new residence. You made sure that I knew all the things that needed to be done before the move, and helped me to do them. I also appreciated your help in disposing of articles that I could not take with me.

Most of all, it was great not to have to pack or unpack. I am sure that your cooperative and efficient style bodes well for the success of your company. Thanks again.”


“I was so inspired by your talk that I just have to share! Since Wednesday night, I have ceased living out of laundry baskets…  (I knew I had a problem last week when all four baskets were full of clean stuff and I emptied a dry load into a cardboard box! LOL) I love the sight of empty baskets! For some reason, it just reduces my anxiety like you wouldn’t believe! 🙂
I am on a roll, and it’s great feeling! Thanks Alex!”